Event driven policies

Event driven policies is a feature that is used to express additional acctions on objects processed by Orchesto. A policy defines a set of conditions and a set of actions. The conditions define the set objects to which the actions should be applied. The condition is defined by a at least on filter that is used to identfy objects. There are 3 kind of filters.

  • Metatdata filter: matches objects by object metadata scanning.
  • Content filter: matches objects by content scanning.
  • File type filter: matches objects by name extension.

Event driven policies are defined in the Orchecto central and transmited to orchestro. Object processing with event driven policies requires access to a tika server. The tika server is used by orchesto for metadata and textual content extraction. The extracted metadata is used with metadata filters and the extracted content is used with content filters. The recomendation is to use a tika server running in the same machine as orchesto.

Setting up a tika server

Download tika server.

curl --remote-name https://archive.apache.org/dist/tika/tika-server-1.22.jar

Start the tika server.

java -jar tika-server-1.22.jar -h localhost -p 9998

To set the maximum Java heap size use the -Xmx flag, for example this command starts tika with a maximum heap size of 1 Gigabyte.

java -jar -Xmx1g tika-server-1.22.jar -h localhost -p 9998

If the port 9998 is not available specify a different port. Port 9998 is the tika server default port. For more information on tika setup consult the tika documentation .

EDP Activation

To activate EDP pass the following parameters to orchesto.


to enable event driven policies

--tika-url <URL> 

to specify rquired url of the tika server. (e.g http://localhost:9998/)

Licensing aspects

One can activate Event Driven Policies without a supporting license, In this case the feature will wait until a supporting license is instantiated. As soon as a supporting license is in effect the EDP features will be available and active.

Authorization Aspects

The EDP administrative actions are:

    // CreateEventDrivenPolicyAction - Create event driven policy, Zebware extension
    CreateEventDrivenPolicyAction = "edp:CreateEventDrivenPolicy"

    // GetEventDrivenPolicyAction - Get event driven policy, Zebware extension
    GetEventDrivenPolicyAction = "edp:GetEventDrivenPolicy"

    // UpdateEventDrivenPolicyAction - Update event driven policy, Zebware extension
    UpdateEventDrivenPolicyAction = "edp:UpdateEventDrivenPolicy"

    // DeleteEventDrivenPolicyAction - Delete event driven policy, Zebware extension
    DeleteEventDrivenPolicyAction = "edp:DeleteEventDrivenPolicy"

    // ListEventDrivenPoliciesAction - List event driven policies, Zebware extension
    ListEventDrivenPoliciesAction = "edp:ListEventDrivenPolicies"

The quoted strings starting with "edp:" are used to specify EDP administractive permissions in entity based IAM policies.