Management Console

This guide describe how you can use the Management Console to configure and monitor the Orchesto object storage server.


The Management Console is a web-based management tool for the Orchesto storage server. To access it, go to the gateway endpoint using your web browser and log in with a valid security credential.

To manage Orchesto itself, make sure to use the administrative security credential. This will grant you admin privileges, providing access to all features in the management console.

On the left-hand side of the management console is the sidebar, which provides access to all principle management functions. At the top of the console is the top-bar, where you will find buttons to toggle the sidebar, access documentation, notifications and user menu.

Management Console


The Dashboard provides an overview of all your storage regions and key performance indicators at a glance.

Dashboard Overview

Storage Backends

The Storage Backends view is where you list and manage all available storage backends.

Storage Backends

You can add a new storage storage backend by clicking on the Add backend button.

Adding a Storage Backend

Object Browser

The Object Browser, accessed via Buckets in the sidebar, is where you can overview the placement of all your buckets and objects across all backing storage regions.

Object Browser

You can add new buckets to Orchesto, also known as virtual buckets, by clicking on the Add buckets button. Start by choosing the storage backend you would like to use for the new bucket, then choose whether to create a new backing bucket, or re-use a existing one.

Add Bucket

If you choose to create a new backing bucket, additional options will be provided to select the desired bucket name and backing region.


The Logs view is where you can monitor access and error events in the Orchesto server across all storage backends.

Logs Monitor