Fixed (5 changes)

  • Auto scroll fails on multi line logs
  • Add server side validation to ensure backend being added has at least one region defined
  • Add bucket modal displays wrong list of bucket.
  • Alibaba ListObjectsV2 response contains no NextContinuationToken
  • Check for parent/child filesystem backends uses string prefix check instead of filepath

Changed (6 changes)

  • Improved layout of object information sidebar in web UI
  • Improve delete many in UI
  • Improve Region UI
  • Create backing bucket during add virtual bucket simplification.
  • Improve multi object upload in webui.
  • Create bucket should auto select the backend of the default region.

Added (12 changes)

  • Make download link for creating cyberduck profile per bucket
  • Show changelog in UI after software update
  • Simple timezone change in web ui.
  • Allow custom urls for non s3 protocols.
  • Ability to run orchesto with turned off frontend.
  • Indicate ongoing multipart uploads in browse view.
  • Add backend creation date to backend list.
  • Add option for deleting corresponding credentials when removing backend.
  • Bucket Policy
  • Consider a settings view.
  • Add new DigitalOcean Spaces region: San Francisco
  • Replace backend url with web link.


Fixed (3 changes)

  • Translation of x-amz-meta metadata to Google metadata prefix when uploading files to Google Cloud Storage
  • An error is now returned if a metadata key contains an underscore and the backend provider is known to not support this
  • max-keys parameter is now enforced when making a list-objects-v2 request to Google Cloud Storage

Changed (1 change)

  • Improved shortcut to remove all objects in a bucket when all objects on the current page are selected for deletion in web interface

Added (3 changes)

  • Improvements to responsive layout
  • File logging support


Fixed (3 changes)

  • End range that exceeds object size now adjusted in get object requests
  • Etag now returned in complete multi-part upload request
  • Fixed start-after parameter in list objects (version 2) so it is passed correctly to the respective backend

Added (3 changes)

  • Added refresh button to bucket and object listing view
  • Warning when running as root
  • Added Dream Host us-east-1 region support