Azure Kubernetes Installation

This guide describes how you can install Orchesto in Microsoft Azure with Kubernetes.


Orchesto can be installed in Microsoft Azure, which is one of many cloud providers that Orchesto supports. Orchesto can also be installed On-Prem. To make the installation as simple as possible have we prepared a Kubernetes enviroment with all required softwares for the installation via Helm chart. This means that you only need to intall a Docker Engine on your computer.

Step 1 - Get your trial Orchesto License

Activate a free of charge trial license for the product of you choice at

A license key & product is required during the installation of Orchesto. They can also be downloaded as a simple JSON or copy & paste to be used during installation.

Step 2 - Bring your own MS Azure account

For the installation in Microsoft Azure you need an Azure account, because Orchesto will be installed in your own MS Azure environment. During the installation we will only enable the required components to run Orchesto and after this you can upgrade for example storage capacity for your specific needs in MS Azure Portal.

Register for an MS Azure account at:

Access credentials to your MS Azure account is required during the installation of Orchesto.

Our default installation consists of a 3 node Kubernetes cluster.

A price estimate can be found here

Step 3 - Choose domain name

Orchesto comes with an administration portal named Management Console, which is used to configure Orchesto for your specifc needs.

Create a new domain name or simply a subdomain (orchesto) for your existing domain name like:

Your domain name is required during the installation of Orchesto. The IP-address for DNS (Domain Name Server) will be provided after the installation in Microsoft Azure, so the DNS will be updated after the installation.

Step 4 - Install Docker Engine

Before installation of Orchesto you need to install a Docker Engine on your computer at

Docker Engine will be used to reach to Kubernetes cluster for the installation of Orchesto.

Step 5 - Install Orchesto with Kubernetes

Preparation is now completed and you should have the following:

  1. License key, product, domain name for Orchesto platform
  2. An Micosoft Azure account with access credentials
  3. Docker Engine installed on your computer

Run our interactive container


$ mkdir configs
$ docker run -v $(pwd)/configs:/configs -it zebware/orchesto-aks-installer:latest

Windows 10, PowerShell

$ mkdir configs
$ docker run -v ${PWD}/configs:/configs -it zebware/orchesto-aks-installer:latest

Installation time may vary between 10-40 minutes depending on DNS zone allocation.

You will be prompted for the following input during the Orchesto installation:

Domain name

AKS information:
(AKS) Cluster name (default: orchesto)
(AKS) Resource group name (default: rg-orchesto)
(AKS) Location (default: northeurope)
(AKS) Node count (default: 3)

Follow the on-screen instructions and continue with the next step once you reach the point where you are instructed to point Orchesto domain to the external ip of Azure.

Step 6 - DNS Pointer

Request a DNS (Domain Name Server) to point your orchesto domain name for example to the IP-address provided at end of Step 5.

Step 7 - Initializing Orchesto

Once the domain name is attached to the external ip-addess of Azure we can continue with initializing your Orchesto installation.


$  curl -k -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"token":"secret"}'

Windows 10, PowerShell

$secret = @{
$json = $secret | ConvertTo-Json
$ Invoke-RestMethod '' -Method Put -Body $json -ContentType 'application/json'

Orchesto will display your Root Access credentials and they are only displayed once and cannot be restored. Please store them in one or multiple safe places!

Step 8 - Configuring Orchesto

For detailed instructions how to login and configure Orchesto you follow the manual for the Product of your choice:

Orchesto Cloud Encrypt